Mobile Security is the safety function in security software for mobile devices. This function is also called mobile or multi-device security. This function protects smartphones and tablets against online threats such as viruses. Mobile devices often contain a lot of personal data. Mobile Security ensures that this data is protected and that you can browse the web safely.

Always and everywhere online with mobile devices 

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without mobile devices. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and children use tablets on a daily basis. People want to be online anytime, anywhere, and technology adapts to that. You can shop online, do your banking, do your shopping, book a holiday and much more. Not only do you have the option of arranging these things on a website, but also in an app. It is no longer necessary to go to a physical shop with today’s technology.

Secure personal information 

Because people are online a lot, there is a lot of personal information on these devices, such as log-in data, photos, videos and bank details. This data is extremely important to each person. It is therefore essential that mobile devices are properly protected against online threats such as a virus or ransomware.   

Not only for consumers, but also for businesses 

In addition to a mobile for private use, many people have a second mobile from work. Not only personal data, but also business data is stored on this device. This data is confidential and must not fall into the wrong hands. No company wants to lose data to a cyber attack. This is why it is important to protect all mobile devices within an organisation. 

How does Mobile Security protect mobile devices? 

Some of the components of Mobile Security that protect mobile devices are: 

  • VPN: protect your privacy, go online anonymously.   
  • Password manager: store your passwords in a safe and use a unique password everywhere.  
  • Social media protection: tracks your social media activities and warns of potential threats.  
  • Parental controls: protect your children from harmful content. 
  • Safe banking: handle your online banking safely. 

Each software protects mobile devices in its own way. How Mobile Security protects mobile devices differs per security suite. For example, not all licenses include a VPN or Parental Controls. Do you want to start protecting your mobile devices? Then it’s best to look at an Internet Security or Total Protection suite. But look carefully at the specifications of the product, as this is not the standard for every brand.