Internet Security is computer security in the form of software. This software protects devices from online threats. Internet Security contains more than an antivirus. Besides an antivirus, this software can contain other functions such as: anti-theft, password management or safe banking. With some Internet Security packages you can also protect your mobile phone.

Which functions does Internet Security contain?

The range of functions differs per Internet Security package. But some of the features of Internet Security packages are:

  • Firewall: protect your device against abuse from outside.
  • Ransomware protection: keep hackers at bay.
  • Safe banking: handle your banking safely.
  • Safe browsing: get a warning when visiting risky websites.
  • Password Manager: store all your passwords in a virtual safe.

For mobile devices as well 

There are Internet Security suites that also protect mobile devices. Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and/or tablet. Therefore it is important to protect these devices as well. Want to know more about mobile security? Then read our “What is Mobile Security” article.