Thanks for using; the best way to get yourself simply secured. We envision a world where people have the knowledge and the tools to protect themselves online. However; that’s not as easy as it sounds.

A lot of information is available about digital security, but also a lot of information is written with a commercial intent. The big brands of online security (say: Norton, McAfee Bitdefender and others) are not only trying to inform you about digital threats, but they immediately try to sell you their solution. To make you buy their product.

We are building this website because we have seen things go wrong. For example; Information about digital security is just wrong, we have seen products being tested the wrong way and we have seen marketing stories about digital security just selling anxiety in stead of helping you to be more secure. Therefore, we a group of enthousiast people working in ICT, will focus on 3 important elements to make sure you’ll receive everything you need about antivirus and digital security:

  1. We are, and will be, an independent platform
  2. We are, and will be, add-free
  3. We are, and will be, up to date providing you with the latest technical insights


So here we are; is independent with no commercial interest. We are here with a single goal; to make your digital life more secure. We are not related to any of the security vendors out there.


Our website is – and will be – add-free. We won’t allow adds or sponsored positions on antivirus.EU to finance our website. This is because we believe that adds will disturb our single focus on our independent story telling and explainer function.
So no adds; how do you make money? Actually; we don’t. To finance for the operational costs of keeping our website available on the Internet we might use affiliate links. If you decide to buy a product on an external website using such an affiliate link, we might receive a percentage of the purchase price you paid.

Up to date: With the latest technical insights about digital security

An Antivirus suite is not a new product; the first security suite was launched already in 1987. However, knowledge about digital security is not always up to date. A number of organizations are testing product without proper knowledge, people are giving advise on