A password manager is an application which stores all passwords and other credentials securely in a personal password vault. The stored passwords and credentials will then be filled in automatically on the login screen of the visited website. The vault is secured with a main password that needs to be remembered.

Written down passwords can be lost, stolen or, are simply not updated

Nowadays, with many websites requiring to be logged in to make a purchase,
see certain content or follow an online training or course, the needed passwords
increase more and more.
Because it is hard to remember al these different passwords people often
write them down.
However there is a lot that can happen to such a written down list of passwords. It can be misplaced, lost or even worse it can be stolen. Another problem can be that a password has been updated but this is not documented on the list so the login details are not kept current.

Using unique passwords keeps your online data safe and a password manager stores them secure

The best practice is to use a unique password for every website you have to log in.
This way you avoid the risk that all your data can be accessed or even your identity
can be stolen.
To create a unique password every time is not easy.
Remember all these unique passwords is even harder. This is when the password
manager comes to help.
Every password manager has the possibility to generate a unique password that then can be stored securely in the password vault. The only thing that needs to be remembered is the main password to access the personal password vault. A good idea for the main password is to use a password sentence that makes sense only for the person that creates the sentence and is easy to remember.